Tips and Tricks for Dragon City


The game we are talking about is the most popular game nowadays. Dragon City is created by social Point, and its size is almost 96MB. It is the best way to utilize your leisure time properly. The more and more you play the game the more you become perfect in it. In the game, one should train and breed dragons to battle. The game contains various modes and users also play the game with their friends or players across the world. There are more than 100 dragons in the game, and you have to assemble according to your choice to perform well in an ongoing battle.


Useful Tips and Tricks


Dragon City is the game filled with lots of dragons and gears as these are used most in the game. To become the best player in it, you need to know the basics of the game properly. Also, you need some tips and strategies to perform well in an ongoing battle. Following are the tips and tricks of the game:


  • Learn about all Elemental Dragons – It refers to a wide range of dragons which are commonly used in the game. Gamers need more and more dragons to defeat their enemies by attacking them. The more and more you unlock the dragons the more your winning chance will increase. Some are the most common dragons in the game like Terra, Flame, Sea, Nature, Electric, and Metal.
  • Harvest only required food – In it, the users should only harvest that food for their dragons which take less time to harvest. Dragon balls and dragon chili is the best food, and it takes less time to harvest. One should spend the in-game currency wisely on the food according to their budget.
  • Collect lots of in-game currency – In it you must always keep an eye on the daily events and daily objectives to earn enough amount in-game currencies. The best way to earn more gold is to log in the game every day and every time you play the game. The in-game currency is also earned by completing events and objectives.
  • Participate in events and objectives – Gamers should always try to take entry and complete the daily objectives and mission to get more amount of in-game currency. By doing the same process, you get some rewards and bonus also. Users should always try to take entries in more and more events or objectives and Dragon City Hack  as it results in increasing their in-game currency.